Monday, 26 December 2016

Hobby related xmas goodies

A merry Christmas to all my readers, I hope you all had a lovely time and enjoyed the holiday in your own special ways.

As yet I have not managed to make a start to the analogue painting challenge, however I received a few gifts from my nearest and dearest that I consider hobby related.

A few things I have had my eye on, and some that you just need.

On the interesting front are, Risk Europe, a medieval take on risk with a few special rules to alter the basic game.
Then Rogue Stars, if it's half as good as everything else this man has produced then it deserves to be played.
Always nice to get reinforcements and the Frostgrave soldier box has been one I fancied getting due to their design. I have not yet worked out what I will do with them but my imagination will come up with something.
And, Exploding Kittens, not really our hobby, but something to pass the time when awaiting the next game. A simple and silly card game for those who are not upset by nonsense cartoon frivolity.

And of course the required, a pot of gel glue, and a pack of cheap brushes.
What else could I ever need.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

blogger app

A bit of a rant today, as I have use the blogger app on my phone and ipad since it became available.
recently or more bluntly for the past 6 months it crashes every time you attempt to write up a post.

This has been the biggest reason my blog has been so quiet, I cannot do quick on the go posts anymore.

I am now having to revert to firing up the old computer to do any kind of post, along with the uploading of images, resizing, blah blah. what a nuisance.

So if the people behind blogger are spying on us, please fix your bloody app.

Painting challenge preparation

Some preparation work has been done for the analogue painting challenge. This is my first year actually being involved, i have previously tried to keep my own pace with the participants but i thought i should just join in.

At the moment i have set out the two main parts i wish to get painted.
A small force for the critical mass game, consisting of 88 15mm figures on squad bases and 5 vehicles, only 3 of which are pictured.
These will be bolstered up by 3 Vtol aircraft which i cannot use for the challenge as painting had started on these a long time ago.

Also will be 43 single 15mm miniatures for a side project i started. They are all GZG japanese ashigaru infantry, which with some imagination do look a bit like stormtroopers from a long time ago, in a galaxy far away. I have already done 8 of these as a test subject and i was so happy with how they turned out i got some more.

Monday, 8 August 2016


A slightly different post than usual as I show some ideas I have had from leftover miniatures.

First up was warlord games celts. These have some models who are almost crouching. This made me think of bloodbowl linemen, so I built a few, carved off weapons etc and added a few green stuff pads etc.
I have painted one to get the idea 

Next up using the same celts, I had lots of the awful war games factory plastic horses. These are dreadful but have potential to make centaurs
And a built one with some milliput chain mail 

The milliput was a nightmare to work with so I will continue with his pals when new green stuff arrives soon. 

Bye for now. 

Mildly inspired

A recent conversation on a forum made me push on with these little trinkets.
They are 6mm ww2 and mostly required rebasing or just some flock.

This is the full German force, I may add some more infantry and I will add some air support as I have them already.

This is the American force, it will have more infantry, tanks, and a tank hunter section as they await paint.

As usual, these will be dual purpose, either micro ww2 gaming or as game pieces for memoir 44.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

More different

Got another 2 finished today, another member of the first troupe and the solitaire(eldar version of Rambo)

Very different

It must be a mid life crisis, but I recently made the decision to start painting for a game that was probably where it all began.

The dreaded and much maligned war hammer 40k or rogue trader to us veterans.

I found some of my old harlequin models and picked up some more at bring and buys etc. 

Nowadays the codex or army book for a force is available as a digital thing so I got it for a look.

Downside but obvious to me, is now a harlequin is not the old mega warrior they were(original box had about 12 figures which was roughly 1500pts) they are still the scary combat phantoms just not as good.

Plus side, it's damn fun trying to paint tiny checker patterns on them.

So, enough rambling, here is test subject 1. 

He looks ok, but I may re-visit some parts.

More to come when time is available.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Long time no post

Well it's been busy on the not hobby front, which means the blog suffers.
Things are changing though and I have started three projects that I shall update over the next few weeks.

First up is a present for my brothers upcoming birthday. He and I are both of an age that the original Star Wars movies will always be a highlight of our childhood.
So as something a bit different and meaningful I am building the ertl falcon kit and installing some basic lighting.
I had this kit as a child, but this kit has been lying around for ten years after I got it from a supermarket for £10.
Here is the progress so far, some parts built and some undercoat.

Next up is for my nephew. With his father being so keen on the franchise he too will receive a fully painted present. This time though something a little more suited to a youngster and there heavy handedness.
It's the jabbas palace play set.

And finally, as I haven't been committed to the hobby for over a year, the hobby pot is overflowing with funds. I treated myself to the splendid range from studio miniatures that are very similar to a famous comedy movie.
These will actually become a force for the dragon rampant rules or some whimsical games of songs of blades and heroes.
The entire cast

And of course a Trojan rabbit 

Thank you for looking.