Tuesday 14 April 2020

How to hide a titan

Today was a good 6 hours put in bringing the first part of my Adeptus Titanicus terrain up to table standards.

It is the contents of the starter set and the civitas imeprialis sector boxes, giving quite a lot of parts to build various structures.

After building they were undercoated black, then overbrushed with adeptus battlegrey (dark grey), then a heavy dry brush of Elf Grey, yes I still have a pot of paint over 20 years old.

Doors and eagle gargoyles were picked out in Vallejo polished gold, then the doors were given a wash of agrax earthshade.

The last image shows the versatility of the components, the smaller modules actually clip onto the bigger ones to create truly tall buildings that even the big titans can use as cover.
The spires kit makes up the little temple like structures, and I may get more of these as they do look fantastic.

The dusty dark look of the buildings is chosen to match my terrain matt, which has areas of rubble printed on it.

That's all for today, thanks for looking in, and stay safe everyone.

Friday 10 April 2020

House Vyronni knights

Well I got these wee chaps finished just minutes ago.

These are the house knights for the new version of Adeptus Titanicus, probably the first game I got into by games workshop as it was large battle, and didn't cost a fortune.

A lot of people have been down on this game as they claim it is now 8mm scale and that puts all the old models out of scale, but if they had the old models , as I do, the infantry was 8mm scale for a standard human, all the original vehicles were closer to 5mm scale and the titans and knights were closer to 3mm scale.

Regardless, I have played the new version and it is good fun, managing the balance between keeping your titan healthy and pushing for a killing blow.

Here are 6 Questoris knights in 3 weapon loadouts, because that's what you get in the box....

Nice models, and still looking slightly shiny as matt varnish dries, they are from house Vyronni who fought alongside my titan legion Legio Defensor during the Horus heresy.
A little bit of artistic license, it shouldn't be yellow and green but more of a khaki and green but it looked to much like painting WW2 germans for my liking.

Anyway that's enough for one day,

Stay safe everyone and have a happy easter.


Small update on where the 6mm ancients got too on the painting front, as usual I got distracted and started painting bits that were unfinished and lying around.

Here are 12 more bases of Numidian cavalry, a great unit to have, fits in so many armies.
Very easy miniatures to paint and a good start for getting me back into painting after a long time out.

These were started 2 years ago during the AHPC, never got them all finished until now, they are to be used with my dark ages Saxons, something to defend from the Vikings.

Some 28mm barrels and spares, for general scatter terrain, from renedra.

And here is the startled bog monster, I have no idea where I got him from, think he was an impulse buy at a bring and buy market. I think he is an old grenadier model but cant be sure, he certainly looks surprised at being charged by the numidians.
He was initially going to be used as a greater daemon for Epic Armageddon, but he may just pop up in other games for fun.

That's all for today, may be back tomorrow with some big stompy robots.

Stay safe everyone.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Here comes the cavalry

When times are tough what do you need, the cavalry to arrive.

As I am now, like most of you, stuck indoors its time to get projects finished off.

Below are the start of the painting of around 130 cavalry from rapier miniatures for my Carthaginians and romans.

I had started these forces long ago, but mainly painted the infantry, and then I got some more from a fellow blogger, so its about time I got them all done and on the table where they belong.

And below some of the already completed parts and the remaining to be started.

 Updates soon.

Monday 19 March 2018

When one challenge ends, start another.

After successfully completing my challenge total and by a good margin a small break from painting is required.

My last post for the challenge contained a small suggestion as to what is next on my ideas for a game.

 These are my colonial vipers for a possible thought up game of defending the galactica.

 And here is the start of the galactica, this is a revel model of it, still a bit small for the fighters but they look good next to each other.
As with the falcon kit i did last year i have started internal wiring of led lighting for engines, hangars, and a small bit of interior lighting to represent the crew quarters.
As can be seen in the image above i have swapped the solid metal post for the kit with a hollow plastic rod for the power supply, and shortened it a great deal so it does not get in the way of the game.
 Another shot of it almost complete, hangar bay bottom halves need to remain loose until they are painted and decals added.
The most important bit, testing the lighting before commencing priming, last chance of opening it back up.

More to come later...

Final post for the challenge

Having beaten my total last week, and having run into trouble with a few painting projects, i had to rummage through what was lying around for something for a final post before letting the brushes rest for a bit.

The Airborne infantry for Vietnam came to an abrupt halt as i had ran out of bases to put them on, my Hordes Grymkin ended up being left in the box as i need to do hours of work on removing the mould lines, and i ran out of Gripping beast plastic vikings to paint.

So after a good bit of digging here are my final entries this year.

 This sorry looking collection is the Japanese starter fleet from Ground Zero Games GZG, this is how they looked last week after finding them in a box, forgotten and un-loved.

 And here they are now, happy little ships ready for a game of Full Thrust in the near future.

 A simple paint job, base colour yellow, pick out details with white and red, engine wash blue with white highlight, and a dark wash.
I am not sure how to point these up due to the varying sizes but if agreeable i would be happy with 5 points each, as the smallest are the size of a 28mm infantry figure.
9 ships at 5pts = 35pts
 Next up, an objective marker for Flames of War, another item that had been basecoated and ignored.
I think it is a Battlefront product, i just cant remember where i got it, the usual ooh shiny effect and then left at the back of the desk.

 Again, a simple to paint model, with the use of a good dark wash.
For scoring it has 3 x 15mm figures and a tent.
3 x15mm = 6pts
 These are Battlefront M113's. Plastic kits that i bought and built over 2 years ago. They didnt even have an undercoat 2 weeks ago so it was time to get them done.

 Fantastic little kit with so many options i have loads of parts left over for future kit bashing, lovely to build and the pack of riders that comes with them helps them really look good on the table.
4 x 15mm vehicles = 24pts

 And the last entry, 24 x fighters for Full Thrust from Ground zero games GZG. These are the from the New Israeli fleet and are a very nice stand in Colonial Viper for Battlestar Galactica.

They will feature in an upcoming project i am working on, i will probably need another 24 of these and an awful lot of Cylon fighters too.
Points wise not sure, they are slightly larger than a 6mm infantry figure so half each?
24 x 1/2 = 12 pts

So to sum up 77 points and my brushes are going straight into the ultrasonic bath.

Thank you all for looking and congratulations to every one of you, whether you reached your goal or not.

Friday 9 March 2018

Over the finish line

For the first time ever i have beaten my pre-challenge total(pending judges decision).

So a very happy painter i am indeed.

Here are my entries to push me over total.

The first one is this

 These are 6mm scale strips of trees to represent an orchard, they are from Baggage train and are very nice little castings in resin. These have sat around in a base colour of dark green for a couple of years, so now was the time to finish them. Easy enough, 2 levels of over-brushing on the trees in lighter shades of green, and the same on the base using brown.
6mm viking leader by Baccus for scale purpose only.
 I was not sure how to score these, so if the judges are happy with it, i will take a point for all 5 strips.

Next are 2 panzer 4 tanks from Battlefront, both nice sculpts and very detailed, these are the older models made from resin and metal.
Both have sat neglected as my existing painted panzer 4's are from forged in battle, and are slightly different in scale, however they can now join the ranks.
2 x 15mm vehicles = 12 pts

Okay, being a bit cheeky with this one, i present a single 15mm door gunner,by Battlefront.
 I had painted the loach around a year ago, and had left the door off with the intention of fitting the door gunner model that came with it. i found him in a drawer still naked metal on the sprue.
Here he is in all his glory, strapped into the chopper.
1 x 15mm infantry = 2 pts

Next are a pair of Cobra gunships also by Battlefront, these are the old models made from resin but with the new plastic blades.
 These are nice models although the new plastic model looks an awful lot easier to build and probably less prone to damage, a simple enough painting experience but the sheer amount of decals to be arranged is a chore, but worth the effort.
2 x 15mm vehicles = 12pts

Now these two have been used in many games and had been never taken past a basic green base coat.
Both were extras that came with the initial vietnam forces from Battlefront through wargames illustrated back in the day.
 I cant decide if they fall under scenery or vehicles, so as it seems fair and would be less in points i have decided on vehicle.
2 x 15mm vehicle = 12 points

And finally, the simplest of the lot, 4 Hetzer tank destroyers from Forged in battle. As usual very nice sculpt and casting, easy to paint.
 I have just noticed that i think i have glued the MG in the wrong place and have forgotten to paint the handles on the shovels, may have to change that.
4 x 15mm vehicles = 24 pts

So to sum up,
1 point for some trees
12 pts for 2 panzer 4
2 pts for a door gunner
12 pts for 2 cobras
12 pts for 2 hueys
24 pts for 4 hetzer's

which i think is 63 points.

Thank you all for looking and i hope you have managed to get to your personal challenge totals.