Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

This weekend has seen one big miniature completion already, but i did squeeze in some poor figures that have been floating around the desk for ever.

Here we have 2 ladders and 2 battering rams i have had since warhammer 3rd edition.
The viking is for scale purpose.

They were fixed to the bases this way so they could be placed inside a unit so as to appear as if they were being carried. The ladders also conveniently will appear as if leaning against a wall.
They came with a covered battering ram in the box set, this may appear later in the challenge.

Next up we have a dark age warrior from west wind, 3 villagers from midlam, and another plastic gripping beast viking(i will finish all of them one day, i promise).

The west wind model is very nice but they are always on the big side for 28mm.

The villagers from midlam are nice enough. I did notice that both the gents have what appears to be a beard on one half of there face only, i thought it was meant to be a pony tail on the figure with the hat but pitchfork man has it too. As they are from a fantasy range it may be from story or something, if you know please enlighten me.

Thank you for looking.

If you go down to the woods today

It has been a busy time in the attic this weekend, so a few items have been painted.

This first entry for the week was going to be kept back for the 'monstrous bonus round' but i finished it earlier than planned, so here it is.

This model is the Witchwood from the Grymkin range by Privateer pres for the game Hordes.
It is used in the game to lure enemy models to their doom.

I have wanted to paint this model ever since i bought it but the push to do so was not coming.
Thankfully the challenge has brought it back, and i am back in love with painting.

For judges decision of points the tree is 65mm tall, and the alluring witch is a standard 28mm miniature.

Thank you for looking.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Rebel commandos

As the painting challenge has started again i went back over the miniatures that i did not get finished before the deadline.

So here we have some rebel commandos and of course a few characters to lead them.

The troopers are from Khurasan miniatures and used to be painted as a generic sci-fi force.

 Here are the leaders, they are slightly larger models than the others but this helps make them stand out on the table.

 I dont think they are available anymore.

And a reminder of who they will face, Lord Vader and his minions, supported by 2 walkers which are die cast models repainted.

Hopefully a small battle report may appear soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

AHPC opening points

I have signed up again and taken a different approach this year.

Previously, i have aimed to complete certain projects en-masse, so this time i am picking up whatever i find that has been lying around for years or longer in the hope of eventually getting paint on everything on lead mountain.

So, to start of here are a few random 28mm figures

From left to right, 3 plastic vikings from gripping beast, nice figures that will fill out the raiding party. A random metal figure, initially bought for my musings with the Ice and Fire GoT as a Jamie Lannister stand in, he looks more like paul hollywood of bake off fame with paint on him. A gripping beast? man at arms, a gift from Ross, a fellow blogger, and lastly another random that came in a box of other stuff, he looks slightly arabic which is useless to me at the moment so has been painted as a dark ages trader.

A nice little start for 30 points.

Thank you for stopping by.

AHPC bonus round flight

For the bonus round of the AHPC with the theme of flight, i had a few choices from the lead mountain to choose from.

I ultimately went with the citadel miniatures goblin doom diver.

It was an unpainted box set that did not sell during my summer bring and buy adventures so i though i will paint it and maybe offer it up on ebay.

It is my first foray into painting greenskin and it turned out ok.

I have never been a fan of painting green, as to the naked eye it shows the highlights to strong.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the little devils

Not sure what it would get in the points system, i will leave that to the judges.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Pheasant from the ashes

I am back, like a pheonix from the flames, or as the title suggests,more like a pheasant, and definatly more ash than flame after all the months that have passed.

It has not been a good year regarding the blog, due to a lot of very difficult situations in real life, which as expected has meant the hobby has been practically ignored.

However, the cry went out for the annual painting challenge and despite having no interest initially i decided it may be what i need to bring back my enthusiasm.

This year i am aiming for 400 points again, i got close last year at around 350 points so i must beat my target this time.

I also have a few figures lined up for the point boosting theme rounds, something i had not considered last year.

I have also taken the step of undercoating and prepping a ridiculous amount of miniatures in different scales and genre's in case i hit painters block and fancy a change.

Not much else to add other than best of luck to all of my fellow competitors and to anyone else who like i did before signing up, have their own little challenge just for fun.

below is an image of one batch drying off ready for the challenge, i think i have done another 3 batches of figures since.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Falcon mark 2

A while ago I posted about a project to build the old EMT millennium falcon kit.

I intended to fit it out with led lighting etc.

I did start the kit and had most of it completed but I was never happy with the poor quality of the kit, too many gaps and splits in the build, and poorly fitting parts.

I decided to just give up and bought another version of the falcon from Bandai.

The Bandai kit is only half the size of the other kit but has ten times the detail. It is truly a thing of beauty but a small kit is very hard to find room for led lighting.

Unfortunately i had forgotten to take pictures during a lot of the build however here a re a few.

 It is a snap together kit,which has a massive advantage when trying to fit all the wiring in as you simply split it apart again if need be.
A lot of parts required sections to be cut out to allow the led's in, the front headlights were the hardest part, these had to be filed down at the rear of the part to fit the led.
 The finished article below, the plinth is actually the base of an old standing lamp that was in the garage.

New posts soon
Thank you for looking.