Monday, 8 August 2016


A slightly different post than usual as I show some ideas I have had from leftover miniatures.

First up was warlord games celts. These have some models who are almost crouching. This made me think of bloodbowl linemen, so I built a few, carved off weapons etc and added a few green stuff pads etc.
I have painted one to get the idea 

Next up using the same celts, I had lots of the awful war games factory plastic horses. These are dreadful but have potential to make centaurs
And a built one with some milliput chain mail 

The milliput was a nightmare to work with so I will continue with his pals when new green stuff arrives soon. 

Bye for now. 

Mildly inspired

A recent conversation on a forum made me push on with these little trinkets.
They are 6mm ww2 and mostly required rebasing or just some flock.

This is the full German force, I may add some more infantry and I will add some air support as I have them already.

This is the American force, it will have more infantry, tanks, and a tank hunter section as they await paint.

As usual, these will be dual purpose, either micro ww2 gaming or as game pieces for memoir 44.