Monday, 30 December 2013


Next project found!
This has been lying on the painting desk for about a year, time to sort that out I think.
Quick paint job on this one I hope it's a unit that probably won't ever see action.
A complete panzerwerfer platoon with optional rocket launching platforms. 

15mm paras

Well barca couple of details the paras are finished. Have run out of Matt spray varnish so can't tick them off completely but it does mean I can start a new batch. 
Here's the boys as they look now.
Whole thing includes the following,
14 recce jeeps
18 para bases
6 mortars
4 vickers
4 6 pdrs
4 17 pdrs
4 75mm pack howitzers
4 cut down trucks
7 piat
4 light mortar
6 observers
2 pioneer carts
1 flame thrower
11 command stands
4 pinned markers(injured paras)
And 3 hero stands, frost, urquhart, and sosabowski. 
Almost forgot a glider pilot platoon.

There is way more stuff than actually needed but it's done so that the models can be used for every list in the market garden book. And if I pretend the piats are Boys rifles it will cover all the mid war lists too. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas presents

This year Santa brought these
Also got an hq base for FoW and a pack of villagers too. 
Should get the artillery built when I start my air cav infantry.

Friday, 27 December 2013

15mm paras

We'll the paras have finally made it back onto the paint table. 
It was last years resolution to finish them off so it looks like I will be exactly one year behind plans! 
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them before I started my holiday painting spree but here's a little pic of progress so far. 
Should have them finished in the next couple of days, bar the 2 objectives I have planned for them and a couple of extra jeeps in case I want to use them as an air landing company. 

Also, I hope this post turns out ok, first time using an iPad to post! And struggling with the camera a bit. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Early Xmas present

A silly little find on eBay was this woodcraft courtyard. 
It appears to be close to 15mm scale but if it proves out of scale I'm sure it can go back on eBay.
May build it this evening and post pictures if things go well.