Sunday, 29 May 2016

Very different

It must be a mid life crisis, but I recently made the decision to start painting for a game that was probably where it all began.

The dreaded and much maligned war hammer 40k or rogue trader to us veterans.

I found some of my old harlequin models and picked up some more at bring and buys etc. 

Nowadays the codex or army book for a force is available as a digital thing so I got it for a look.

Downside but obvious to me, is now a harlequin is not the old mega warrior they were(original box had about 12 figures which was roughly 1500pts) they are still the scary combat phantoms just not as good.

Plus side, it's damn fun trying to paint tiny checker patterns on them.

So, enough rambling, here is test subject 1. 

He looks ok, but I may re-visit some parts.

More to come when time is available.

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