Monday, 8 September 2014

Arnhem 3

Got a little work done tonight but nothing major.
The SS platoons have been flocked and finished off the panzerwerfer platoon that's been sitting for months.
There's an interesting small objective marker in this batch too, but I leave it up to you guys to spot it, here they all are drying off before a couple of coats of Matt varnish.

Chow for now.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Okay, appears blogger is fine, I don't know how to use the app properly!
I must be getting old :)

Anyway here's some of today's progress

Under coated troops and tanks, plus a cheeky little building too

The SS platoons and markers

Test base for SS stands, looks good for under 10 mins a base.

Step 1 overbrushed with a beige brown

The almost finished Heer infantry, these had a similar process to the others. Overbrushed with field gray, pick out details with browns and greens, flesh out, and into the brown foot bath for the bases.
May give all of them a magic dip before flocking, I'll see how they look later.
Hopefully more tomorrow night, so stay tuned.


Well I could have popped through to the club today but thought I would press on with the preparation for the Arnhem game due soon.

Today has seen a good bit of work with 2 Heer platoons almost ready, and 3 SS platoons at the half way stage right now.

Intending to finish them off today, which leaves the small task of painting the following list.

5 panzer IV 
4 panzer III
2 AA half tracks
4 75mm gun half tracks
2 flamethrower half tracks
1 sdkfz 250
1 kingtiger
2 88mm guns and carriages
3 37mm guns
2 mortar platoons
1 hmg platoon
And various markers etc.

Pictures to follow, blogger is playing up!