Sunday, 3 April 2016

Long time no post

Well it's been busy on the not hobby front, which means the blog suffers.
Things are changing though and I have started three projects that I shall update over the next few weeks.

First up is a present for my brothers upcoming birthday. He and I are both of an age that the original Star Wars movies will always be a highlight of our childhood.
So as something a bit different and meaningful I am building the ertl falcon kit and installing some basic lighting.
I had this kit as a child, but this kit has been lying around for ten years after I got it from a supermarket for £10.
Here is the progress so far, some parts built and some undercoat.

Next up is for my nephew. With his father being so keen on the franchise he too will receive a fully painted present. This time though something a little more suited to a youngster and there heavy handedness.
It's the jabbas palace play set.

And finally, as I haven't been committed to the hobby for over a year, the hobby pot is overflowing with funds. I treated myself to the splendid range from studio miniatures that are very similar to a famous comedy movie.
These will actually become a force for the dragon rampant rules or some whimsical games of songs of blades and heroes.
The entire cast

And of course a Trojan rabbit 

Thank you for looking.


  1. Good to see you have some projects on the go. The Falcon looks great however, the Studio Miniatures steal the day. Have been resisting these for a while ☺

    Cheers, Ross

    1. The falcon is a big beast when you get into it.
      It's a poorly made kit though and is a fight to put together.
      The holy grail chaps I have resisted too, but I had to give in, they are just too good. My painting probably won't do them justice but I am delighted I bought them. They will get done randomly to break up the monotony of the other 2 projects.

  2. Good to see you getting time to post stuff again. And like Ross, I've been resisting the holy grail chaps, but seeing them here has re-awakened the interest. I wonder if they'll be at Carronade?
    I'll look forward to seeing progress and completion on all the above stuff.

  3. The Holy Grail figures were at Carronade last year.

    Cheers, Ross