Thursday, 31 December 2015

End of the year post.

Well it's been a quiet year on the hobby front. I don't think I managed to get in a game or get much painted. But that can be a new year resolution. 

After seeing a few other blogs, I decided to return to painting a bit of the massive epic collection.

These pictures show the highly neglected chaos army.
These are 2 of the 4 defilers I built from parts. Luckily I made a mould of these so I can make as many as I'll ever need.
This is the back bone of the force, standard chaos marines.
And finally a little bit of conversion work on some rhino transports.

I have been beavering away with a couple of other projects that may see the blog soon.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Defenders of englaland

Rather than just finish of the Norsemen I plowed on and completed there adversaries the Saxons.
These were easier than the Norse as basing up was simply gluing strips to bases. 
Here they are defending one of Alfreds new churches.
Force consists of companions, 8 shield wall, 1 noble shieldwall 3 skirmishers and some command stands.

Now it's time to find some woods and get these guys on the table.

Bye for now.

The Norsemen arrive

It has been a long wait to get these finished. Very little time has been available and getting past each stage has felt impossible.
At long last though, my sea raiders for Dux bellorum. 

The command stands are of course not necessary for the game, but may be useful for other games.
Otherwise there are companions, 2 noble warriors, 6 warriors, 3 skirmish, and 2 bases of berserkers, which can be used as skirmishers anyway.

They are all from baccus and we're very easy to paint. I wish I had kept note of the time spent on these as it certainly didn't feel like a vast amount, I just couldn't find the time.

Next up the Saxons.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Great War

I finally managed to pop round to the post office to pick up my most recent kickstarter I backed.
This one has been tremendous with regular updates and has arrived in a respectable timescale.

So what's in the box. The usual suspects for a Richard Borg, 12x11 hex map, cards, counters, special dice and rules with 16 scenarios.
Another 2 scenarios come with the deal as well as 10 artillery models.

A nice additional touch is the inclusion of several plastic sealable bags to put it all in when you've unpunched it all.
Figures are chunky 15mm's but are nicely detailed and hard plastic so should paint up well.

That's all for tonight but I think this will feature again soon.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

6mm dark ages

A very brief post about a little project I am squeezing into this years lot.

I had picked up a copy of dux bellorum and had many ideas for miniatures. Then it struck me, play it in 6mm on 40x20 bases. This meant a unit was a single base meaning an entire force may be just 10 bases. 
A quick visit to baccus and using there unit builder, I parted with about £30 for both Viking and Saxon forces and some casualty markers.
Here are my almost finished Viking noble warriors and a base of companions and a base of warriors. Only have 2 more bases to finish them but as I have some left over I will make extras.
And here are the casualty markers, I have seven painted but I have plenty spares again so I will make more with only infantry on them, the horse are a bit pointless until I get a Norman force.

Chow for now 

Dining table game matt

Well it's been quite some time since I've posted but I have managed the odd bit of gaming project.

I had read many blogs etc about latex covered cloth mats that can be placed over everyday objects to create realistic hills and rises.

So I had a rummage in the shed for suitable materials 

Some wall smooth from after doing up the kitchen, some artist paint and an old jug.
And of course and old dust sheet pinned down.

Then I mixed some paint and smooth over roughly 50/50 and spread it over with a rubber squeegee blade.

A couple of days later it had dried

So I trimmed it to a more relevant size and spread it with wood glue, and started to flock

Had to do in 2 stages due to lack of flock but after this I just sprayed the whole thing with a can of varnish then hoovered up excess flock.
And here it is with a couple of rolled up towels under it

Not bad but the flock still sheds a little 

Cheers for looking and keep rolling 6's 

Monday, 25 May 2015

In the name o the wee man

Actually wee men would be more appropriate.

These are the first few bases of my 6mm project for 2 armies.
Republican Roman and Carthage. Both are from Rapier miniatures and are from the warmaster 1000pt army deals. These give you a helluva lot of figures but are fantastic value for money.
Most of the triarri and a base of hastati, with the general behind.
Personal favourite, the Gallic/celtic warband.
I'm not sure what these guys are meant to represent but I will class them as Spanish or citizen infantry.
Numidian horse, never leave home without them lol 
And lastly, a Nellie with skirmish escort and one of many status bases I will make for both forces.

More soon hopefully.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The lost kickstarter

Hello all, well some excellent news from the attic this evening. Not only is it my birthday but after sending an email recently a nice chap from Italy looked into my missing kickstarter goods. 
They couldn't fulfill my initial backing but sent this bumper pack instead.
A whopping 12 ships and the starter set, and much more.

What a fabulous day.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Valhalla we are coming

Well now that a lot of other projects are out the way (all not painting or gaming based) it's time to get on with the show.

So this weeks little update concerns these chaps. Scandinavian raiders.
These are all metal minis bought to bulk out my plastic Vikings.
They still need a dark wash to tone down the colour but there not as bad as the photo due to camera flash.
Then some flock etc.

This little lady is another potential asha greyjoy, I'm not fond of the full plate armour for an iron islander but she is slight next to the Vikings which looks better and who knows, she is a lords daughter why wouldn't she have expensive armour.

That's all for now, maybe some more soon.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Fairies wear boots

....well maybe not these ones.

These were a recent add on to make an order up for discounted postage.
They were only £2.50 so a decent addition to the collection.
Not sure what I will use them as but they may be suitable as children of the forest for westeros.
The 28mm figure is eowyn from lotr, she was bought as a possible asha greyjoy but I'm not so keen now she's painted.

I could probably use them in 6mm for a multitude of things, as long as I don't use the bases with mushrooms and toadstools.

Bye for now 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

An army in a pint glass

Continuing my purge of the huge box of epic models I have put together several forces from the masses. 

First up for a quick build n paint will be a white scars space marine army.

These guys have a very mobile doctrine so I went for lots of fast units.

So a couple of hours this morning saw them built n based, should get some primer on them lunchtime and may get paint on them tonight.

Thanks for looking

Ps the elephants aren't in this army!

Battlecry in 6mm

I have finally based up my 6mm ACW figures. These I paid someone to paint, a first ever for me, and they are very good.
Main delay on this project is me! I couldn't decide how to base them.
After a lot of thought I went with 80 x 40 for all infantry and cavalry and 40 x 40 for artillery. Command is on dinky little 40 x 20. 

Base needs inked, dry brushed, and flocked but you get the idea.

Of course this has started another project, making a larger board for the game, well I got the easy bit done last night, getting the hexes on the cloth. The hard bit will be getting something to represent all the terrain tiles.

Thanks for looking