Saturday, 7 February 2015

An army in a pint glass

Continuing my purge of the huge box of epic models I have put together several forces from the masses. 

First up for a quick build n paint will be a white scars space marine army.

These guys have a very mobile doctrine so I went for lots of fast units.

So a couple of hours this morning saw them built n based, should get some primer on them lunchtime and may get paint on them tonight.

Thanks for looking

Ps the elephants aren't in this army!

Battlecry in 6mm

I have finally based up my 6mm ACW figures. These I paid someone to paint, a first ever for me, and they are very good.
Main delay on this project is me! I couldn't decide how to base them.
After a lot of thought I went with 80 x 40 for all infantry and cavalry and 40 x 40 for artillery. Command is on dinky little 40 x 20. 

Base needs inked, dry brushed, and flocked but you get the idea.

Of course this has started another project, making a larger board for the game, well I got the easy bit done last night, getting the hexes on the cloth. The hard bit will be getting something to represent all the terrain tiles.

Thanks for looking