Monday, 26 December 2016

Hobby related xmas goodies

A merry Christmas to all my readers, I hope you all had a lovely time and enjoyed the holiday in your own special ways.

As yet I have not managed to make a start to the analogue painting challenge, however I received a few gifts from my nearest and dearest that I consider hobby related.

A few things I have had my eye on, and some that you just need.

On the interesting front are, Risk Europe, a medieval take on risk with a few special rules to alter the basic game.
Then Rogue Stars, if it's half as good as everything else this man has produced then it deserves to be played.
Always nice to get reinforcements and the Frostgrave soldier box has been one I fancied getting due to their design. I have not yet worked out what I will do with them but my imagination will come up with something.
And, Exploding Kittens, not really our hobby, but something to pass the time when awaiting the next game. A simple and silly card game for those who are not upset by nonsense cartoon frivolity.

And of course the required, a pot of gel glue, and a pack of cheap brushes.
What else could I ever need.


  1. Always liked Risk and would be interested in seeing Rogue Stars at some point in 2017.
    I have managed to mostly avoid Frostgrave plastics although there are a few of the character figures in the lead pile waiting to be prepped and painted at some time in the future.

    Time, its the one thing that gamers and painters never have enough of :)

    Cheers, Ross

    1. I should get a start to the painting on Thursday, the Frostgrave guys may be next years painting challenge lol.

  2. Very interesting bundle. I'd like to know more about the Risk Europe so I'll go off to BGG later to have a look. For my Christmas, I got Game of Thrones Risk, skirmish edition, so I'm looking forward to trying that sometime.

    And I laughed out loud at Exploding Kittens. I checked it on BGG and laughed even more. It sounds a wonderfully mad little game. I asked the Perth guys if they'd ever played it and one chap also got it for his Christmas. He's bringing it on Thursday to the club and I hope we can play it. You're always welcome to come along if you have the chance.


    1. Sounds good, when is the next Thursday you are meeting up.

      I am assuming GoT skirmish plays slightly differently from standard risk, I too will look up BGG, my need to know is kicking in.

    2. Meet every Thursday in Luncarty juniors sports club on the north side of the village, including this Thurs 29th. From 7pm till 10pm. I don't know what's planned for this week. Boardgames is likely and hopefully we'll do the Kittens. I'll suggest GoT Risk, but we'll see what else is on offer or preferred.

      GoT Risk skirmish is pretty much basic Risk for 5 players. It's been years since I've played Risk so I'm vague on all the mechanics. Apparently Skirmish is the simple version. There's another more advanced GoT Risk that's for 7 players and includes politics and character cards. There's even an Essos map.

    3. Nice, with it being holidays the now, there is a better chance of me getting up for a look.