Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New project

It's been busy round here lately so not a lot of painting going on. The panzerwerfer got finished but I won't take pics till the final coat of varnish goes on.
Next up is the PAVN for flames of war. 76 medium bases, 10 small bases and 1 as yet unbuilt platoon.
Slightly more than the paras but less detailing to do. This could take some time!

A small selection of the horde.

And how I want them to turn out.

See y'all soon.

Friday, 3 January 2014

The year ahead

Well in between all the recent activity I have had a few moments to ponder where the brush goes next.
I have also decided what will go to other homes as I have too many projects and not enough time.
Hordes and uncharted seas have been binned, the former for financial reasons, the latter as I haven't enjoyed a single game of it!.

I will continue with the ridiculous challenge that is my collection of 15mm ww2 purely as I really enjoy painting them and like the look of the games in this scale. Which rules I use is another matter, it's FoW at the moment but I have a home brew set of rules that are fun and have looked at many others.

The 15mm mongol army has received some reinforcements so it will be revisited shortly. It can be used for many systems, my favourite being war master, but also impetus.

In 28mm I have many choices but I think the TAG Chinese may go. I have never gotten to grips with it and it may be a popular seller.

The curteys Chinese I picked up will be getting built, it's a cracking looking army with chariots and foot, big ostentatious banners etc. it's one I'm looking forward too.

My beloved celts/Gauls, what can I say, these are the reason I started historical gaming. There's a lot of work still to do on them but the finished article will look amazing.

Dark ages British. I don't know if I will build this one or not. Lots of current players have this already or similar, can't decide, one for the back burner.

Perry twins plastic figures. I have a box of these as I just wanted a dozen or so figures, but I can't help thinking it could be the start of yet another army.

Vikings, yet another started project that never got off the ground. I have painted up about 20 and can't decide where to go now.

20mm Germans, this one I'm really stuck with. I have some plastics and some cracking metal models but I can't get started. The desire to paint them just isn't happening, time for pastures new maybe.

6mm sci fi, loads of this but no one plays epic! It's only bonus being it doesn't take up much room. Another non decision there then.

So a few will go and a few will get done, no more new stuff getting bought as I'm still waiting on 2 kick starters from last year to start shipping the goods I've already paid for!  

To round off, looks like the busiest part of my little hobby this year will be my poor brushes and the sellers enclosure in eBay.

Who knows, this time next year I may have them all done LoL