Sunday, 28 June 2015

6mm dark ages

A very brief post about a little project I am squeezing into this years lot.

I had picked up a copy of dux bellorum and had many ideas for miniatures. Then it struck me, play it in 6mm on 40x20 bases. This meant a unit was a single base meaning an entire force may be just 10 bases. 
A quick visit to baccus and using there unit builder, I parted with about £30 for both Viking and Saxon forces and some casualty markers.
Here are my almost finished Viking noble warriors and a base of companions and a base of warriors. Only have 2 more bases to finish them but as I have some left over I will make extras.
And here are the casualty markers, I have seven painted but I have plenty spares again so I will make more with only infantry on them, the horse are a bit pointless until I get a Norman force.

Chow for now 

Dining table game matt

Well it's been quite some time since I've posted but I have managed the odd bit of gaming project.

I had read many blogs etc about latex covered cloth mats that can be placed over everyday objects to create realistic hills and rises.

So I had a rummage in the shed for suitable materials 

Some wall smooth from after doing up the kitchen, some artist paint and an old jug.
And of course and old dust sheet pinned down.

Then I mixed some paint and smooth over roughly 50/50 and spread it over with a rubber squeegee blade.

A couple of days later it had dried

So I trimmed it to a more relevant size and spread it with wood glue, and started to flock

Had to do in 2 stages due to lack of flock but after this I just sprayed the whole thing with a can of varnish then hoovered up excess flock.
And here it is with a couple of rolled up towels under it

Not bad but the flock still sheds a little 

Cheers for looking and keep rolling 6's