Monday, 26 May 2014

Black Pyjamas

Well i have to get back to the PAVN, the orks or any other random post are just whims i follow from time to time.
So, next up is the local forces that can be chosen to support the paid soldiers, this is as far as they have been painted so far, hoping to get them finished up to tabletop standard by the weekend.

sorry for the poor pics, guess ipads arent as good as they say they are :)

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Waaaagh Orks

last year i picked up a copy of criticalmass games rules. i have since played a few times with the rules and i can say they are fun, not complex and once you get the hang of it, very quick.

so after this i built and painted an army of near future human types for the rules. the whole time i painted them i couldnt help but think they had a look and feel of the Tallarn from the 40k universe.

this then led me to thinking, i want an opponent for them, who do i pick, well the obvious choice...Orks.

Ok where to start, well the infantry or boyz i know where i am getting them from, so what else do i want.

first off i thought about leaders or Nobz, so in a recent order i got a unit of these

now they dont look very Orky, but they are bigger than the boyz and very heavily armoured and armed which suits the role of the biggest orks.
these will have headswaps and bits added to ork them up a bit. so far only the haeds have been done.

so thats how there looking just now, next up will be the tanks, some will be scratchbuilt as im hoping to find the old white dwarf plans for the old ork wagons.
the rest will be kitbash with lots of rivetted plate added to hide the original model.