Saturday, 7 February 2015

Battlecry in 6mm

I have finally based up my 6mm ACW figures. These I paid someone to paint, a first ever for me, and they are very good.
Main delay on this project is me! I couldn't decide how to base them.
After a lot of thought I went with 80 x 40 for all infantry and cavalry and 40 x 40 for artillery. Command is on dinky little 40 x 20. 

Base needs inked, dry brushed, and flocked but you get the idea.

Of course this has started another project, making a larger board for the game, well I got the easy bit done last night, getting the hexes on the cloth. The hard bit will be getting something to represent all the terrain tiles.

Thanks for looking 


  1. These look good and the final basing touches will just add to the effect. I assume your just intending 1 base per hex for each unit? I wondered because I thought I also saw a little die holder at the left rear of the stand (maybe to mark the number of figures / blocks in the unit).

    And an idea for the terrain tiles is just use another, same type cloth and hexes and cut it up into the hexes you want. In that way to can apply paint / washes / whatever to both cloths at the same time and the cut out terrain tiles will look the same as the base cloth.

    I look forward to seeing more,

  2. Cheers Tom, yes you're correct, the dice holder is for tracking hits/wounds/fatigue etc. it is 1 base per hex, just with artillery and generals on smaller bases.
    I will be digging out scrap cloth to cut up for the tiles and applying appropriate paint etc.
    big advantage is having both sides based the same any rules will work even though they have been designed around the battle cry boxed set.