Monday, 25 May 2015

In the name o the wee man

Actually wee men would be more appropriate.

These are the first few bases of my 6mm project for 2 armies.
Republican Roman and Carthage. Both are from Rapier miniatures and are from the warmaster 1000pt army deals. These give you a helluva lot of figures but are fantastic value for money.
Most of the triarri and a base of hastati, with the general behind.
Personal favourite, the Gallic/celtic warband.
I'm not sure what these guys are meant to represent but I will class them as Spanish or citizen infantry.
Numidian horse, never leave home without them lol 
And lastly, a Nellie with skirmish escort and one of many status bases I will make for both forces.

More soon hopefully.


  1. Ok, these look great and if I can get some time I'll get back to the Macedonians and Greeks that are on the painting table.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Glad you like them, and I look forward to seeing the phalanx armies. Always fancied doing either of them myself.

  2. They look very nice. And just when I thought it was safe ... I've not heard of Rapier, but I am tempted. Do the army packs come with the bases? They look like the plastic bases sold by ... that hex terrain company that goes to the shows ... (my mind has gone blank). Anyhoo, I'll have a look at other stuff by Rapier.

    1. They are good figures, a few were a bit flash coated but when you get so many you can leave some out. The Romans work out as 600 plus minis for £28. On 40mm frontage that's 21 stands of hastati and princeps, 6 bases of triarri(18/base but mine are less) 96 velites which I'll use about 6/base, and 6 cavalry at 6/base.
      The bases are not included, I got them from kallistra at Falkirk. £5 for 50.

      Try the link, it should bring up the massive army packs.