Thursday, 14 May 2015

The lost kickstarter

Hello all, well some excellent news from the attic this evening. Not only is it my birthday but after sending an email recently a nice chap from Italy looked into my missing kickstarter goods. 
They couldn't fulfill my initial backing but sent this bumper pack instead.
A whopping 12 ships and the starter set, and much more.

What a fabulous day.


  1. Good result and a belated Happy Birthday. It seems if it was a good one!

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Excellent stuff. Anytime you're ready for a game, please count me in. It would be great to 3 or 4 a side. I'll also send you an invite the next time we play in Perth (and also if we play Wings of Glory).

    One thing for Sails we did in Perth was count 2 musket hits as 1 crew kill as we found crew were dying too fast as per the rules.

  3. Cheers guys, I've had a brief look through the rules but have not set up a run through yet. We will have to try a game some time Tom.
    I have wondered if the tokens are necessary, a simple dice would have been enough I reckon looking at the various chance of damages but they are useful for the ship charts.
    Are the Perth chaps playing basic, or advanced rules? I like the concept of 2 versions, basic for beginners or very large games, and advanced for a more technical battle.
    And of course I won't have to wait a year until I've painted it all.

  4. We just play basic, though we did add in the variable wind gauge for one game. The chaps from Dundee who've played Sails more often, did say the advanced stuff slowed the game down. Maybe for 1vs1 or 2vs2 game, some advanced stuff might be OK, but for 6 or 8 players, the basic is fine. Even with 6 to 8 players, we tend to plan only one card ahead. Planning two cards ahead is usually a recipe for chaos and can see some players attack reefs with the ship's hull, ram their own side or sail off the edge of the world. :)