Friday, 26 December 2014

Ice and fire pt 1

I thought I'd post my first game of lion rampant for my ice and fire themed games.
It will in no way follow the books but take its own path and will have many twists and turns along the way.

It starts with a scenario from the rule book whereby one force has to find and safely retrieve an escaped enemy captive.

Young Rob Stark has not long been crowned King of the North, word reaches his camp that his mother, Lady Catelyn, had been travelling through the Riverlands when here escort was ambushed.
She is said to be hiding in a nearby village. Immediately Rob mobilises some men and they head out.
As they reach the village enemy banners are spotted to the west. It's Ser Gregor Clegane and his men. Backed up by a few Lannister regulars.
He must find his mother quickly.

The Stark host in the east
The Lannister host
Good fortune, Lady Catelyn is found by the outriders. (Jammy turn 2 dice)

The Clegane yeomen respond quickly 
The outriders start to escort Lady C from the battle
The Stark serjeants form up to cover there retreat.
Elsewhere the opposing forces close in.

Yards from safety, she drops an earring.
(Needed a 5 on 2d6)
The yeoman keep up the pursuit 
She drops another earring 
As she looks for it, Lannister men catch Greatjon by surprise 
And swiftly rout his host.
To no avail though as Lady C finds her earrings and is safely escorted from trouble.

Well an interesting game that I thought may end without a blow being struck.
Also seems highly ironic that the stand in unit of numidian horse was the star of the show. The law of sod strikes again.

Thanks for looking 


  1. Good batrep and an interesting take on GOT. Is Lion Rampant going to be scenario driven? Sounds all the more interesting if it is.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Yes, lion rampant has a set of scenarios in the back half of the book. For my silly little GoT campaign, I am dicing for a mission then making up a story to fit round it.
      Many of the missions can be won without much fighting if played well and with luck.