Friday, 26 December 2014

Epic orks

So the gorging on food and drink has passed, and I'm already itching to be productive.
As a break from the medieval posts recently I have revisited some neglected 6mm miniatures.
These are a mix of various wagons for epic orks. I use a simple system for painting these by selecting a base colour (usually red as they go faster!), then pick out any metallics, and finally glyphs or embellishments or crew. 
They are then inked with either black or brown before Matt varnish.
Simple but effective at this scale.
Some progress pics
Base colour etc
Bikes and trucks at various stages 
Some wagons awaiting varnish 

Thanks for looking back soon with more updates 

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  1. Looking good! I am also heading off to be productive as the food stupor wears off a bit.

    Cheers, Ross