Sunday, 12 February 2017

I want lots of them

A small post tonight about my wheels.

This is mainly because of a conversation with a another gamer about the process, so i thought i would share a picture of the main ingredients and write a little about the process.

In the picture can be seen the 2 moulds on the left and next to the model are the original constructed wheels and the cast models.
Both original wheels were made in the same way, effectively 2 round bases seperated by a piece of blu tac at the desired width. then carefully cut some plasticard strips to slightly wider than this and glue them around the outside lip of the bases.
Finally use a small disc or spare shield or buckler to place in the centre of 1 base and apply really thin strips of plasticard to represent spokes.

Both of the moulds were made by blu tacing the wheel spoke side up to the bottom of a plastic cup or spray can lid, applying aerosol release agent, and pouring in the liquid latex.

Likewise the resin i use is just cheap 2 part resin, to which i deliberately add more hardener than is recommended so it sets faster.

Bye for now.

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