Sunday, 12 February 2017

Clean airbrushing

Another small post, this time showing a few pics of the airbrush booth i picked up from the online auctions a few years ago.

They usually sit on there at about 70 quid, but if you hang on wait you can get one for about 30.

Its nothing amazing but does a good job of removing the paint particles from the air so much so i am allowed to use it in the house.

Its best feature though is the way it folds up for easy storage, see the pics

Neat little box

Open the front panel

fold out the work station

Viola, instant spray booth

What i have neglected to picture is the power cord, which is tucked away in the back on one of those old inertia wheel return buttons you used to get on vacuum cleaners, so even the plug fits inside the unit. 

Bye for now

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