Sunday, 8 June 2014

orks pt2

the flames of war troops have been neglected, completely lost my painting mojo. 
however, it has meant a little work on non painting projects. the recently purchased figures from critical mass have been based or glued to sticks for prep work, and the 15mm orks have had a bit more work and a slight rethink.

i want to go more in the direction of classic rogue trader artwork for these guys so after a lot of internet searching and saving pics for reference work is finally starting.

this is what i am hoping to achieve with them,

or this

so after looking at various sources i found these guys

poor pic from the company website but other than there only being 2 poses these are a brilliant starting point for conversion or sculpting.

heres a pic of the start of some alterations

not much yet, just some boots for the barefooted figures, a start on the lovely block shaped boltguns they will carry, and most importantly lots of odd shaped hats, which seemed to be an ork fetish of the mid eighties going by the pics!


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