Sunday, 19 October 2014

Arnhem the battle

Well we were only a month late, but we finally got the battle played.

The Paras started the game dug in to the ruins of the city. 

Kampfgruppe Brinkmann arrives with a few platoons of panzer grenadiers 

This had little effect on the defenders, however reinforcements arrived swiftly.
Graebner and his armoured cars charge over the bridge 
And dive into a salvo of fire 

And they kept coming!

As the beleaguered Paras dealt with these persistent enemies Knaust arrived with his training school armour 

And surrounded 1st platoon which lead to their destruction 

Afterwards 2nd platoon and the 2ic stood there ground to the side of the bridge under heavy fire.

As if this wasn't bad enough Hummel arrives with his Tigers and grenadiers 

The Paras hold out valiantly for the remaining turns, fighting tooth and nail for every inch of ground.

As burning wreckage litters the bridge the heroic 2ic eyes up a chance for glory.
A panzer tank gets stuck between the buildings, time to strike back. He destroys the tank and sends the rest running.

In retribution for the tanks, SS grenadiers hunt down the hero
And finish him off before he does more damage 

Its looking grim for the airborne troops now
But they hang on and dig in further, even when the mortars stop firing due to ammo shortages 
The game ends with the narrowest of wins for the Paras.
The players certainly seem to have enjoyed the game. I must admit it worked very close to how I wanted it to. Bags of tension and stress, and went to the wire.

This game will definitely get rolled out again sometime, but it's got me thinking of making more scenarios, I enjoy the research and plotting twists in the tale.


  1. Great bat rep and pictures. Looks like it was a good afternoons gaming.

    You are right with scenarios; for WWII I have always found it gives the best games. It also sorts out the power gamers by making them work with what was there rather than what the army lists say you can have.

    Looking forward to reading more reports in the future.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. It was a fantastic game. i will definately return to this format again. another thing that was equally good was Nick had only played FoW once before and between us he managed to keep up with it.
      I already have a couple of ideas for another one, so may have something ready early in the new year.
      But then again, i will probabaly get distracted by other projects LoL

  2. Thanks for a great game. It was a mighty piece of work, and the whole thing, from scenario details to the visual appeal of every turn, just worked a treat. I hope others will get a chance to play this scenario in the future. And, as mentioned above, much respect to Nick for playing in his second game of Flames of War.