Monday, 30 December 2013

15mm paras

Well barca couple of details the paras are finished. Have run out of Matt spray varnish so can't tick them off completely but it does mean I can start a new batch. 
Here's the boys as they look now.
Whole thing includes the following,
14 recce jeeps
18 para bases
6 mortars
4 vickers
4 6 pdrs
4 17 pdrs
4 75mm pack howitzers
4 cut down trucks
7 piat
4 light mortar
6 observers
2 pioneer carts
1 flame thrower
11 command stands
4 pinned markers(injured paras)
And 3 hero stands, frost, urquhart, and sosabowski. 
Almost forgot a glider pilot platoon.

There is way more stuff than actually needed but it's done so that the models can be used for every list in the market garden book. And if I pretend the piats are Boys rifles it will cover all the mid war lists too. 

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