Thursday, 25 April 2013

Distracted again!

As usual, I got distracted from existing projects and started on the neglected box of Mongols.
These are from
I bought them a few years ago for field of glory which proved rather tedious. So the poor wee figures got ignored.
So after seeing some superb 15's at a recent club day I started painting them up.
Here's a small sampler of progress so far.


  1. Looking good, what rules do you intend to use them with?


  2. Hi Ross. They are all on 40 x 30 bases so I can stick them on big bases for impetus or use them for other stuff.
    The downside is its taking forever as I am struggling to get any paint time the now.
    However these wee fellas are getting easier to paint the more I do them. Starting to get the hang of this 15mm malarkey.