Saturday, 2 February 2013

As promised here is a pic of 1 of 3 dropship/attack Vtols for my 15mm sci fi.

Cant decide if i should paint it up to match the walkers or go for the digi camo theme ive been trying out.


  1. GZG ?

    I like the matched colour schemes but its entirely your choice.

    Need to get to grips with Tomorrows War; I have enough New Israeli infantry ready for a good trail.


  2. Its a Khurasan minis model, my camera cant do it justice its a great model.
    The camo scheme will be copied from the walkers for continuity and because of its speed. undercoat main colour, mask, spray on second colour, remove mask, paint details, magic dip, matt varnish.
    and while i wait on them drying i can hand paint the infantry.