Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Finished reading book 3 of the progenitor trilogy at the weekend. Very interesting finale but felt it was rushed a bit.

Still all 3 books have kept me going for the last wee while and spurred on some painting of my 15mm sci fi miniatures.
The first pic is of 2 combat walkers and an apc, all from Khurusan. Very nice models and crisp casts. Also Khurusan are the figures(shown next to a 28mm for size comparrison).
The heroin with the gun is such a good sculpt its better than some 28's i own.


  1. Great painting and welcome to bloggerdom. Any chance of allowing followers so we can follow your blog even more easily?
    Best Wishes

  2. Great looking figures, are these for Tomorrow's war, FUBAR or another Sci-fi rules set?

    Followers would make it easier for following.


  3. Good evening gentlemen, sorry but its been a little while since i last got on my wee blog, i have just added a followers widget thing, hope that works.